Do you know how to choose a good LED panel light?

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Do you know how to choose a good LED panel light?

May 20,2022 / Industry News

Nowadays, LED lamps are no longer the symbol of high-tech products. After years of development, many LED lamps have become popular household lighting. LED panel lamps are especially favored by consumers for their ultra-thin, energy-saving and ultra-brightness. Today Zhejiang PO- Light Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. I will share with you how to choose a good LED panel light.

Choose from materials. LED lamps are basically composed of shell accessories, LED light sources and lamp drivers. Of course, high-quality products are particularly important for LED panel lights.
The shell accessories of LED panel light are generally composed of aluminum alloy outer frame + light guide plate + light diffuser + back plate. Aluminum alloy shells are easy to distinguish in appearance. Good aluminum alloy shells are thick in texture and exquisite in surface treatment. They are not easily oxidized and discolored after ten years of consistent use. Inferior shells are usually thin aluminum sheets that feel light and easy to deform when squeezed by hand. The most important part of the LED panel light shell accessories is the light guide plate, which is also an important indicator for our industry to identify high-quality panel lights.

Second, the LED light source. In this regard, of course, we must first thank us for our attention and support to the industry. At present, my country's low-power SMD LED lamp bead light source chips have always been the leader of Sanan, and the quality is good. Therefore, the LED light sources used as panel lights in recent years are mostly domestic 2835 light sources packaged by Sanan chips. However, if it meets the customer's relatively high product requirements, we generally still use first-tier brands such as Samsung, Nichia or Osram. There may be many friends here why they choose foreign brand LED light sources for their high requirements. I would like to answer you with a popular sentence. Our light sources are similar in quality to foreign big brands, but the product performance is still foreign products. Rest assured , you know this.

Third, the power drive. Power drive can be said to be the driving center of lamps. As the saying goes, a good horse is equipped with a good saddle. No matter how good the LED panel light is, it depends on the power supply.