How to buy led lights in the workshop?

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How to buy led lights in the workshop?

Dec 03,2021 / Industry News

Many factories have a relatively large area. In most cases, the design of lamps and lanterns is started after the factory is designed. Then choose the workshop led lights according to the design of the cloth lights. While setting up the lights, many factory owners or project leaders do not know how to choose suitable LED lights. In fact, if you master these points, it will become easier to buy led lights in the workshop.

Point one, pay attention to the quality of the chip
Because the chip of the LED light directly affects its service life, it is definitely necessary to pay attention to the quality of the chip. Generally, there are two types of chips: domestic and imported. In fact, as long as the quality of products produced by regular manufacturers is generally not a problem. We have to compare the quality of its chips before purchasing.

Point two, pay attention to physical comparison
Many factories need to buy workshop led lights in large quantities, so we must still have a physical comparison process, look at the product quality before starting. You can also ask the manufacturer to send samples. Let's look at the specific situation of the chip and the location of the solder joints, and then go to purchase, so that it will be easier to select high-quality workshop LED lights.