How to choose a quality LED ceiling light online?

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How to choose a quality LED ceiling light online?

Aug 12,2022 / Industry News

Next, Zhejiang PO-Light Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd will talk about the specific points that need to be paid attention to when choosing a Led ceiling lamp:

1. According to the size of your room, choose the appropriate size and power ceiling light
Everyone's living room, bedroom, bathroom area is not the same, correspondingly when choosing a ceiling lamp, it is also a place to pay attention.
Generally, in a room with a large space, such as a living room, a dining room and other rooms, a ceiling lamp with a high brightness and a larger irradiation area will be selected, so as to avoid the shadow caused by insufficient light intensity, so this type of room Try to choose a larger ceiling lamp.
In some small spaces, such as bathrooms, corridors, and these small places, you can choose some low-power ceiling lamps. Because the space is small and the light is concentrated, there is no need to install too much power ceiling lamps.

2. Choose the shape of the ceiling lamp you like
Ceiling lamps are currently the most popular in the market in square and round shapes.
Generally, in the living room and dining room, in these large spaces, we will choose square ceiling lamps, which are larger in size and more harmonious with the appearance of the large space. Good-looking ceiling lamps can also play some decorative roles.
In some bedrooms and bathrooms, circular ceiling lamps are chosen to be installed. Generally, the shape is relatively small, about more than 20 cm. It is very small and easy to install.

3. Select the light source of the ceiling lamp
There are mainly three types of light sources in ceiling lamps, incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and LED light sources. In household ceiling lamps, fixed LED lamps are basically used as light sources. The main reason is that LED lamps have low power, high brightness, and service life. It is also longer, and generally speaking, it is relatively cost-effective, so everyone will choose LED as the light source of the ceiling lamp.