LED line lights are an essential part of modern landscapes!

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LED line lights are an essential part of modern landscapes!

Nov 30,2022 / Industry News

Lighting projects are closely integrated with urban planning and are an important part of urban planning. According to the master plan, focus should be placed on architectural lighting and lighting projects that reflect the character of the city. Components of urban environmental landscapes include natural objects and man-made structures. There are both giant and microscopic things. Some focus on practical function, others on decorative value. In the past, the emphasis on function has shifted to practicality and aesthetics. In the future, the scope of implementation should be continuously, standardized and planned, and the technical and artistic level should be improved. LED line lights now offer more variable outdoor lighting.

The street is the main artery of the city, and the main lighting is street lamps. Street lights are lighting devices placed on streets to provide the necessary vision for vehicles and pedestrians at night. Street lights can improve traffic conditions, reduce driver fatigue, increase road capacity, and ensure road safety. Gardens, landscapes and street lights form a three-dimensional lighting pattern, which can enhance the effect of street decoration, beautify the night view of the city, and can also make up for the lack of lighting of street lights. Outdoor lighting engineering lamps and lanterns are an indispensable part of modern landscape. It not only has a high level of appreciation, but also emphasizes the harmony and unity of the artificial light landscape, the scenic spot and the history and culture of the surrounding area.

According to the shape of the building and the material of the exterior wall, the outdoor lighting engineering lamps and lanterns create a new image different from that during the day. Items that are well-lit at night for buildings cannot fall from the sky. It must contain the emotion of the designer and show the beauty of art according to the design concept. Modern design is based on an external perspective and is associated with effects at a distance. Keeping a relatively dark environment can reduce the impact on the natural environment. Avoid excessive lighting design and energy consumption, ensure that the quality of lighting design is organically combined with environmental protection and energy saving, and properly and reasonably carry out architectural lighting, lighting and night scene construction. This is the starting point and goal of the design.

With the improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for the living environment have also increased, especially at night when residents are more engaged in various leisure activities and use public funds after get off work. A good night scene lighting design in the community not only provides lighting for residents' night activities, making pedestrians feel safer, but also improves the quality of the community environment, adds to the beauty of the community environment, and satisfies people's pursuit of vision and physical and mental pleasure.

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