What are the characteristics of LED high bay lights?

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What are the characteristics of LED high bay lights?

Mar 04,2022 / Industry News

With the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, long service life and good color rendering, LED high bay lights are used by more and more enterprises and institutions in large stadiums, public places, factory workshops and other lighting aspects. The LED high bay light is made of high-strength die-casting aluminum shell, pull-casting aluminum radiator, reflector, and external electrostatic thermoplastic spraying, which is corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant.

The characteristics of this LED high bay light are:
1. Because the LED plane integrated light source is selected, the thermal resistance is small and the temperature rise is low. At the same time, the lamp housing is a part of the radiator, which can directly dissipate heat.
2. Use a wide voltage design to ensure that the total power of the lamp body is basically unchanged when the voltage is not stable, to prevent the occurrence of stroboscopic conditions, and to ensure the stability of the lighting environment for workers.
3. No dust, no mosquitoes, save the time of frequent cleaning of the light source lamp body.
4. Make full use of the instantaneous advantages of LED high bay lights and use them in large areas where LED high bay lights are used.