What are the common types of LED lighting fixtures on the market?

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What are the common types of LED lighting fixtures on the market?

Nov 07,2022 / Industry News

At present, the common types of LED lighting fixtures on the market mainly include the following product types: LED spotlights, LED light cups, LED light sockets, LED light heads, LED light strips, LED light tubes, LED lamps, LED light strips, LED soft lights Strips, LED light strings, LED bulbs, LED light beads, LED wicks, LED chips, LED downlights, LED candle lights, LED star lights, LED induction lights, low-power LED lights, high-power LED lights, high-power LED energy-saving lamps , LED meteor shower light, LED air vitamin purification light, LED voice control light, LED panel light, LED touch light, LED semiconductor lighting, LED high-power ceiling light, LED explosion-proof light, LED tube screen, LED explosion-proof anti-corrosion dust-proof light, LED solid state Maintenance-free explosion-proof light, LED fluorescent lens, LED explosion-proof flood light, LED high-power light, LED fluorescent light, LED TV, LED backlight, LED car light, LED fill light, LED flashlight, LED flood light, LED bold Lamp, LED corn lamp, LED underground lamp, LED cabinet lamp, LED stage lamp, LED special lamp for lathe, LED tooth lamp, LED mine wire locomotive lamp, LED explosion-proof platform lamp, LED tunnel lamp, other LED classification products .

Led lights are distinguished from the large environment into indoor and outdoor lighting, indoors are led bulb lights, led spotlights, led ceiling lights, led bold lights, led track lights, led panel lights, ledpar lights, led high bay lights, led kitchen and bathroom lights , led table lamps, led downlights, etc., the common outdoor are led street lights, led buried lights, led wall washer lights, led flood lights, led lawn lights, led tunnel lights, etc. There are many types and different uses. According to the customer's specific use environment, we create cost-effective LED lighting products for customers. LED is the abbreviation of English light emittingdiode, which is what we call "light emitting diode"; the classification of LED can be divided into many types according to the type of LED or other various conditions: according to the size of power: it can be divided into low power, high power (In the industry, lamps above 1W are generally called high-power lamps, and 1W is commonly used).