What are the introductions of LED T8 Tube Light?

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What are the introductions of LED T8 Tube Light?

Dec 26,2022 / Industry News

An LED tube light is a light source made of LEDs. It is a modern alternative to fluorescent tube luminaires with a G5 or G13 base. These lights are energy efficient and have a long service life. The advantages of LED tube lights include long service life and energy efficiency.

The LED T8 tube light has a special optical design and provides a smooth light. This light source cuts energy costs by 80%. LED tubes also have no dark spots, making the light more pleasing to the eye. They are also easy to install and are great for parking lots, departments stores, and schools.

The T8 tube light is the most common linear LED tube light. It comes in a variety of color temperatures and brightness levels. It is an ideal choice for commercial settings, and is built with a G13 medium bi-pin base. LED tubes are energy efficient and require very little maintenance once installed.

LED tube lights come in a variety of shapes, lengths, and widths. They can also come with a frosted lens for more aesthetics. Aside from that, they can be made of plastic, glass, and aluminum. The material used does not affect the performance of the LED tube light, but is purely aesthetic.