What is the role of led line lights in lighting design?

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What is the role of led line lights in lighting design?

Dec 05,2022 / Industry News

In our life and work, the existence of LED line lights can be said to be everywhere, especially in the city, whether it is daily lighting, or the production of billboards, the use of event and entertainment lighting, without exception, the adoption of LED technology light. It is widely used in the market and loved by everyone, so it must have its advantages. Zhejiang PO-Light Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd will introduce the advantages of this type of lamp for everyone:

1. High-tech application, the built-in waterproof sealing ring setting can be completed according to the environment of use, digital programming operation, the projected light color is very dazzling, the monochromaticity is good, the light source is very soft, and the power consumption is low. Energy saving and environmental protection, the service life is relatively long, under normal circumstances, the light time can be as long as 50,000 hours. At the same time, the LED line light is relatively small and convenient to use, and can be used in a hidden form, which is not easy to detect and ensures the overall aesthetic feeling.

2. High safety, only light but not heat during use, so it can also protect the illuminated objects, and the scope of application is very wide. This type of lamp is almost equipped with a scale plate, which can facilitate the user to adjust the lighting angle appropriately according to the needs, and is convenient for use. For those who have babies at home, it is still better to use this kind of light, it is not dazzling, and it is impossible to generate heat, and it will not hinder the baby's physical health.

3. The craftsmanship is very exquisite and high-end, adopting the glue filling process, high-end power supply, waterproof design, and intelligent I circuit scheme. Integrated circuit control adopts chips, and high-power integrated full-watt lamp beads can effectively change the size and service life while ensuring brighter lights.
When lighting the exterior of the building, line lights are used, mainly to project on a specific area of the building, mainly by using line lamps with round and square heads that manipulate the scattering angle. This lighting method is almost the same as the traditional method. It is relatively complicated and difficult to operate.

However, the light source adopted by the LED line light is relatively small and thin, especially the launch of the linear projection light, which has become a highlight in the industry. It can more conveniently complete the use of architectural lighting, no dead angle, soft light and no heat. , does not cause light pollution to the city. It can make the city at night as bright as day, and illuminate the way home. The use of traditional linear lights is a problem, because it is impossible to set up a special place for most buildings to use traditional lights, which are relatively large and occupy space. If they are not used properly, they will cause certain problems. Security risks. However, the use of LED line lights is very convenient. The current method of use in the market is mainly to use the vertical direction, so that it can be better integrated with the building and integrated, and it can be regarded as a contribution to the beauty of the city. Made a big contribution. It brings new themes to lighting design, expands the creative space, and creates new obstacles to the lighting techniques of modern buildings and historical buildings.

In view of the ease of use of this lamp, its application in the market is also becoming more and more popular. However, because the lighting has certain technical requirements, it is necessary to find a strong supplier when purchasing, especially when purchasing in large quantities. color. When using LED line lights, it is enough to simply understand the method, and professional users are required to complete the use and related manipulation data settings. It is very convenient to operate the city lights without using the switch manipulator, but through the monitor and computer remote control.

Learn about the application of LED line lights in the market and its advantages, and you will be more aware of them when you buy them. It is also good to choose this type of light for daily lighting. Like modern family home decoration, the use of LED lamps in lighting is becoming more and more common. How to talk about energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence, can show the high level of home decoration, and at the same time, it is safe for daily use, and can also save energy and electricity.