What should be prepared before the construction of led line lights for lighting projects?

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What should be prepared before the construction of led line lights for lighting projects?

Nov 14,2022 / Industry News

The lighting project is basically a night lighting project for gymnasiums, landscapes, outdoor activity rooms, etc., and the lighting objects are basically buildings, squares, roads, bridges, etc. We also shared with you the construction steps of the lighting project and the precautions for later maintenance. Today Zhejiang PO-Light Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. will share with you what should be prepared before the construction of the lighting project?

(1) Description of design drawings
Various difficult points on the design drawings, or the places that the construction personnel do not understand must be clarified, and a lot of communication will make the lighting project more complete.

(2) On-site investigation
To ensure the storage location of the warehoused materials and the temporary structure of electrical equipment, it is necessary to understand the situation of other adjacent construction departments, so as to avoid other unpleasantness during the construction process, so as to understand and communicate in time to ensure the smooth construction of the lighting work. In addition, when the project is accepted, if there is any deviation from the start-up drawings, it should be changed as soon as possible. In addition, it is necessary to have a solid understanding of the transportation and data equipment suppliers around the project to prevent sufficient equipment and data and solve emergencies.

(3) Material classification
The names, model specifications, and units of the lighting facilities required by the lighting industry should be listed one by one, and the usefulness should be indicated. Moreover, the required data must ensure the optometry standard. If the construction period is easy, the data can be in one step. Save time. What should be prepared before the construction of the lighting project? Implement the ground breaking speed plan for the lighting project. The speed table is based on the lighting project period, the workload of the lighting project, and the time to realize the project. Through scientific and effective scheduling, in order to achieve the proper allocation of labor and resources, and to achieve the ground breaking task on time For optometry handover, the speed plan should also be formulated with reference to the ground breaking assembly line and the overlapping scope of tasks that may occur during ground breaking.

(4) The delivery time, placement, etc. of lighting engineering materials
Confirm the unit of the data, the delivery time, and have a clue to the stacking of the data, so as not to store the data randomly, so as not to reflect the integrity of the data. For the particularity of bright facilities, a relatively high and dry center needs to be selected to prevent the facility from being protected due to rain and snow, and the data needs to be used according to the usage. In addition, keep away from explosive and flammable materials, and need to be equipped with fire-fighting equipment. Prepared materials can be placed directly on the work surface, and machines and materials should be left on the shelves to prevent damage to lighting facilities.

(5) Division of responsibilities of staff
Choose a skilled, responsible and experienced person to be the person in charge of the job. The person in charge of the type of work should assume the responsibility of each age sequence and simplify the management sequence of the lighting project construction site, which is a good way to prevent managers from doing nothing. The performance of the management can be extracted to better coordinate the monitoring and control measures of the entire lighting industry.

(6) Clear division of labor
The lighting design intention of the lighting project, the ground-breaking operation standards, and the understanding of the tasks in each scope, according to the ground-breaking level, from top to bottom, make technical disclosures to the operators. Form written groundbreaking material, presentations, etc.

After completing the preparatory work before the above 6 lighting projects, some obstacles in the construction process of the lighting project can be easily solved, and some problems that will occur in the construction and later stages can also be avoided. So preparation is very important.