What types of LED line lights are there?

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What types of LED line lights are there?

Nov 02,2022 / Industry News

Low power refers to products with low luminous intensity, such as common indicator lights, mobile phone backlights, etc., because the Chipsize of such products is relatively small and the luminous efficiency is low (low brightness, usually used for indication and display), so It is classified as high-power LED, and the common packaging methods are piranha, SMT, Lamp, etc.; according to the packaging method, there are two types: plug-in type and patch type: plug-in type means that when the component is in use, the PCB base needs to be opened ( Drilling), the components need to pass through the PCB board to be soldered; such components usually have long external pins, such as the common Lamp, piranha, etc.; and the patch type refers to the component is used, the PCB There is no need to open holes (drill holes) on the base, and the components can be directly attached to the PCB board for soldering; such components usually do not have external pins (or sheet metal electrodes), such as common SMT, Emitter, etc.

LED line light is a very simple product. The appearance, structure and function are almost the same everywhere on the market, but the price difference is very large. Wire requirements for LED line lights: LED circuit boards, as the carrier of the light source, directly affect the life and failure rate of the lamps. All electronic circuits of LED lighting products are on the PCB circuit board, and its material and processing technology directly affect the quality and life of the product. The material of the circuit board is full glass fiber, half glass fiber, and cardboard. The standard material of LED lighting products should be full glass fiber double-sided panels. If half glass fiber or cardboard single-sided panels are used, the later welding quality, moisture resistance, anti-aging ability and electrical properties will be greatly reduced.

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